Camera Selection

MistySOM is currently supporting different cameras. They require a different device-tree file to be configured on the U-Boot. All different device-tree files and kernel modules are included inside the boot directory of the MistySOM image.

The following is the list of supported cameras and their related device-tree:

  1. Coral Camera

    A 5-megapixel camera module that's compatible with the Coral Dev Board and Dev Board Mini. Connects through the MIPI-CSI interface, and provides an easy way to bring visual inputs. Read more here

    • RZG2L Device-Tree: r9a07g044l2-smarc.dtb
    • RZV2L Device-Tree: r9a07g054l2-smarc.dtb
  2. e-CAM20_CURZ - AR0234 Global Shutter Camera

    A 2-megapixel custom lens camera module based on 1/2.6" AR0234CS CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor®. It is a color camera which supports UYVY image format and provided with S-mount (also known as M12 board lens) lens holder. Read more here

    • RZG2L Device-Tree: r9a07g044l2-smarc-ar0234.dtb
    • RZV2L Device-Tree: r9a07g054l2-smarc-ar0234.dtb
  3. e-CAM221_CUMI462_MOD - Sony® Starvis™ IMX462 Ultra-Lowlight Camera Module

    It is based on a SONY® STARVIS™ IMX462LQR sensor that ensures superior near-infrared performance. The high sensitivity of this Full HD camera module helps to capture images in as extremely low lighting conditions as 0 lux, which makes it suitable for night vision applications and medical microscopes. Read more here

    • RZG2L Device-Tree: r9a07g044l2-smarc-imx462.dtb
    • RZV2L Device-Tree: r9a07g054l2-smarc-imx462.dtb